Research Assistants

Gearóid Kelly

Gearóid is a research assistant on the Safe Nurse Staffing research project. He initially completed an undergraduate degree in Primary Education and Psychology in Mary Immaculate College in 2017. He then went on to complete the M.A. in Work and Organisational Psychology in UCC the following year. Curiosity around the various factors involved in message interpretation in the workplace led Gearóid to complete a dissertation examining whether framing negative feedback to suit a recipient’s personal disposition would foster subsequent increased motivation and performance levels. Along with the other members of the team, he is responsible for the data collection and analysis in this research project.


Croía Loughnane

Croía is Research Assistant for the project. She holds a BSc in History and went on to complete a Higher Diploma in Psychology from UCC. She has a keen interest in both Neuropsychology and Health Psychology. She believes Health Psychology is a very important topic in today’s climate and the knowledge gained through health psychology is highly transferable across different fields in Psychology and Healthcare. Her final year project examined the perceived attitudes and expectations of Doctor-patient relationship and its connection to medication adherence, specifically from the patients perspective, which sparked her interest in the culture of the healthcare system. She is responsible for data collection and analysis in conjunction with the other members of the research team.


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Programme of Research into Safe Nurse Staffing and Skill-Mix