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Research Team Members

Professor John Browne

Professor John Browne is a health services researcher and is currently exploring the value of PROMs as a tool for engineering quality improvement in a variety of clinical areas. He is also the Principal Investigator on the Health Research Board funded 'SIREN' programme (Study of the Implementation of Reconfiguration on Urgent and Emergency Care Networks). He will be centrally involved in the element of the research related to the Emergency Departments.

Professor Peter Griffiths

Professor Peter Griffiths is Chair of Health Services Research in the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Southampton and is also an international expert in workforce planning. He leads the fundamental care theme of the National Institute for Health Research’s Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) Wessex. His internationally-renowned research focuses on the healthcare workforce, and in particular safe and effective nurse staffing. His recent work includes the RN4CAST study and reviews of evidence to support the development of guidance on safe staffing levels by NICE.

Dr Aileen Murphy

Dr Aileen Murphy's research interests include health economics, economic evaluations and health technology assessment. Dr Murphy has expertise in advanced modelling methods for health economic evaluations and cost effect analysis of healthcare innovations. She is responsible for the cost analysis and economic outcomes of implementing the Framework.

Professor Christine Duffield

Professor Christine Duffield is an internationally acclaimed nursing workforce researcher and Australia’s leading voice on the impact of nursing workload and skill mix on patient outcomes and the quality of patient care. The Director of the Centre for Health Services Management at the University of Technology Sydney, Prof Duffield has used her work to transform the nursing sector over the course of her 30-year career. Her research focuses on issues associated with nurses and their work and a range of current issues facing the nursing workforce. She led the first study in Australia which examined the relationship between nursing numbers, the mix of staff and patient and staff outcomes.

Professor Anne Scott

Professor Anne Scott is Vice President for Equality and Diversity at the National University of Ireland, Galway. Her research interests include the ethics domain of health care practice, the philosophy and ethics of health care, judgement and decision-making in clinical practice and health services research - focusing on the health workforce. She is also on the Irish Department of Health Taskforce on Nurse Staffing. Professor Scott led the Irish arm of the RN4CAST study and has extensive experience and knowledge of the Irish healthcare system.

Professor Eileen Savage

Professor Savage is the current Head of School of Nursing and Midwifery in University College Cork. She advises on and supports the rigorous conduct of evidence reviews as part of the programme of research into safe nurse staffing. She has extensive experience in this methodology including Cochrane and non-Cochrane reviews. 

Professor Josephine Hegarty

Professor Hegarty contributes to the knowledge of implementation science and its application in the Irish context with related knowledge of patient outcomes associated with clinical deterioration, failure to rescue and other pertinent organisational level outcomes in an Irish context. Such expertise contributes to the identification and tracking of outcomes which are essential to the ED context and ultimately to the potential sensitivity and specificity of the outcomes chosen.

Dr Jane Ball

Jane Ball has been researching the nursing workforce and nurse staffing levels for over 20 years. One of her major interests is in how evidence from research is influential in policy development. She works with the research team on the best approach to measure care left undone events (missed care), offering guidance and support in the analysis and interpretation of the results related to missed care.

Professor Catherine Pope

Catherine Pope, a Professor of Medical Sociology, leads the Emergency and Urgent Care research group in the Faculty of Health Sciences in University of Southampton. As an experienced researcher with a particular expertise in emergency and urgent care, Professor Pope offers expert guidance in this area while assisting with the development of the research project in the Emergency Department.

Dr Darren Dahly

Dr Dahly is the primary statistician on the programme of research and is experienced in a wide variety of study designs and statistical models. His role is to integrate data from multiple sources into a valid, useful analytical dataset, and carry out the statistical analysis and modelling. 

Professor Robert Crouch

Professor Crouch is a consultant nurse and honorary professor at the University of Southampton. His interests lies in clinical decision making and he has experience in developing clinical decision support software systems, predominantly within the Emergency Care Settings. Professor Crouch's role on the team is as an advisor for the research within Emergency Care.

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Programme of Research into Safe Nurse Staffing and Skill-Mix