Lecture Videos


  KITP : Quasiparticle interference & electronic nematicity in cuprates and pnictides (lecture starts from 4'01")

  Columbia : Emergent states of complex electronic matter: from motivation to discovery & exploration
  Columbia : Atomic-scale visualization of electronic nematicity and Cooper pairing in iron-based superconductors
  Columbia : Superfluid & Supersolid 4He
  Columbia : Topological quantum phenomena in superfluid 3He
  Columbia : Visualizing the creation & destruction of heavy Fermions

  NORDITA : The gestalt of strongly correlated superconductivity

  Harvard : Solving the mystery of high temperature superconductivity
  Perimeter : Visualizing quantum critical matter
  Stanford : Direct phase-sensitive visualization and doping dependence of the d-form factor density wave in underdoped cuprates

  Perimeter : Visualizing quantum matter
  Simons Foundation : Visualizing quantum matter

  TOPNES EQM2016 : Visualizing quantum matter
  Physics Colloquium at Oxford : Visualizing quantum matter

  EPiQM Summer School at Cornell : Orbital-selective Mott Physics / Cooper pair in FeSe
  Frontiers of Cond. Matt. Phys. : Concordance of Cu-based & Fe-based high temperature superconductivity

  Inaugural Lecture at University College Cork : Quantum Perception

  University of Oxford : Special Topics in Quantum Matter 

  Physics Colloquium at Helsinki : Atomic scale quantum materials
  Physics Colloquium at Oxford : Visualising electron-pair crystals in a conducting quantum spin liquid

  Oxford University : Machine learning in electronic-quantum-matter imaging experiments 

  Physics Today : Visualizing Quantum Matter At Atomic-Scale
  SFI Summit 2022 Keynote Address : On the Electron Pairing Mechanism of Copper-Oxide High Temperature Superconductivity


Macroscopic Quantum Matter

Room 322, 3rd floor, School of Physics, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland,