PsychSlam 2022 is in-person at University College Cork and we invite teams from Secondary Schools across Ireland to participate.

All teams will receive detailed guidance and support, including a live training session on how to prepare their talk, the topics and resources they can use to put their talk together.


Key Dates

March 9th
Registration Portal Opens
March 28th
Training and Resources Course Open
(online access)
April 4th
Training Live Event (online 10-12:30)
April 13th
Deadline for Registerations for competition
April 26th
PsychSlam at UCC


Participating teams gain experience in teamwork and science communication, and build connections with other students, researchers and psychologists. Every year, students tell us that they have a wonderful experience learning about psychology and research, as well as how to present information to audiences in an informative and engaging manner.


Our Team

The event is led by Dr Samantha Dockray and Dr Marica Cassarino. 

Marica is an Environmental Psychologist who does research on how the places where we live influence our wellbeing, and also on the psychological factors that lead people to behave sustainably. Marica is a Lecturer at the School of Applied Psychology and she is passionate about teaching quantitative research methods, that is, using numbers to investigate of how people think, feel and behave

Samantha is a psychobiologist, interested in the interactions between physiological and psychosocial processes that occur during childhood and adolescence, in relation to stress. Her work uses wearable technologies and digital interventions, laboratory research as well as measures of people‚Äôs behaivour, mood and experiences in their everyday lives. The research and community projects Samantha participates in are described at


Samantha and Marica are members of several research networks and groups, as well as a range of science communication activities including:

University College Cork

Coláiste na hOllscoile Corcaigh

College Road, Cork T12 K8AF