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Conor Graham


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 Conor Graham  Post-Doctoral Researcher

School of Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences, University College Cork,

 353 (0)21 490 4617

Head shot of Conor Graham

Conor is an ecologist with a wide research interest including fish behaviour and ecology, eutrophication, bird biology, climate change, stable isotope analyses, forest ecology and management.  Conor graduated with a BSc in Marine Science in 2001 and with a Research Master in Zoology in 2004, both from National University of Ireland, Galway.  After completing a contract working on the implications of climate change for fishes of the British Isles at the Max Planck Institute for Limnology in Ploen, Germany, he undertook a PhD on the impacts of nutrient enrichment on the ecology of salmonids in Irish rivers.

Upon completion of his PhD in 2010, he joined the HYDROFOR project at UCC which is investigating the effects of conifer forestry on the ecological quality of freshwaters where his research focused on salmonids and food web dynamics.  In March 2012 he joined the PLANFORBIO research team at UCC where he is currently working on forest biodiversity and in particular, on bird communities.



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Planning and Management Tools for Biodiversity in a Range of Irish Forests

PLANFORBIO Research Programme, Dept. of Zoology, Ecology & Plant Science, University College Cork, Distillery Fields,North Mall, Cork, Ireland