UCC launches Future Medicines, the latest phase in its ambitious & dynamic academic recruitment initiative

16 Dec 2022

UCC Futures – Future Medicines is developing next generation medicines and medical technologies for improved health outcomes & quality of life for those with chronic disease.

There are great opportunities to join our team at the School of Pharmacy, UCC where there are new academic jobs in Clinical Pharmacy, Clinical Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Science. This new recruitment approach in UCC Futures is a unique opportunity to join our talented multi-disciplinary team of researchers, build collaborations with our clinical, healthcare and industry partners and advance the translation of next-generation medicine for chronic diseases. 

UCC Futures is an ambitious new programme and we are seeking candidates with the ambition to match our #uccfuturemedicines goal for achieving high-impact transformational health improvements for patients suffering from chronic disease conditions. So for candidates motivated to advance their career in pharmacy translational research and with the vision and future-focused solutions to attract prestigious funding such as ERC check out the positions available.

For further info check out the Future Medicines video and webpage

School of Pharmacy


Cavanagh Pharmacy Building Room UG06 University College Cork