UCC and Future University in Egypt (FUE) renew the Co-operation Agreement on the delivery of an enhanced BSc. Pharmacy degree in Egypt

25 Feb 2019
Pictured: Back row (Left to right) Dean Seham A. Elkheshen, Dean of Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, FUE; Khaled Azazy – MBA, Chairman of FUE Board of Trustees , Ambassador Seán O Regan, Ambassador of Ireland to Egypt, Prof Stephen Byrne, Head of School of Pharmacy, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, UCC; Front row (left to right) Prof. Patrick O’Shea, President of UCC; Dr. Ebada Sarhan, President of Futures University in Egypt, Cairo.

The official ceremony for the renewal of the Cooperation Agreement between University College Cork and Future University in Egypt (FUE) was held at FUE on 28th January 2019.

Professor Ebada Sarhan, President of FUE and Professor Patrick O’Shea, UCC, signed an extension agreement whereby the School of Pharmacy, UCC will continue to support the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Pharmaceutical Industries, FUE in the delivery of an enhanced Pharmacy degree programme by FUE in Egypt. 

The aim of this cooperation agreement is to enhance the teaching and learning of students graduating with the FUE B.Sc. Pharmacy degree.  The School of Pharmacy UCC support FUE in the delivery of an enhanced Pharmacy curriculum with mentoring from UCC academics and mutual discussions among the staff in both schools. The Cooperation Agreement was originally signed in 2014, and over the last 5 years, staff at FUE and UCC have been actively collaborating on enhancing the academic standards of the BSc Pharmacy degree at FUE.  Some of the most notably successes under this agreement over the last 5 years include: over 20 visits of staff from UCC to FUE on teaching visits; sharing of curriculum between UCC and FUE including lecture materials, laboratory practicals, workshops and examinations; 5 academic staff from FUE have visited UCC in 2014; one PhD student jointly supervised between UCC and FUE staff; three summer schools specialising in clinical & industrial pharmacy have been hosted at UCC, which over 60 students from FUE have attended since 2016. 

At the recent International Conference in Pharmaceutical Sciences held at FUE in January 2019, Professor Patrick O’Shea, President of UCC, visited Future University for the official signing of the renewal agreement.  In signing a renewal of the cooperation agreement, it is envisioned that UCC and FUE will develop further collaborative relationships on student exchange, research and postgraduate training in pharmacy related disciplines.


UCC staff attending the 5th FUE ICPS conference and official signing ceremony of the renewal of the FUE-UCC cooperation agreement.  Pictured: (Left to right) Prof. John Cryan, Professor & Chair, Dept. Anatomy & Neuroscience, Professor Stephen Byrne, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Dean of Undergraduate Studies (UCC), Professor Kamal Sabra, Adjunct Professor, School of Pharmacy UCC, Ambassador Seán O Regan, Ambassador of Ireland to Egypt, Prof. Patrick O’Shea, President of UCC; Dr. Frank Hallinan, Adjunct Professor, School of Pharmacy UCC, Dr. Brendan Griffin, Senior Lecturer and Course Director UCC-FUE Certification programme

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