School of Pharmacy and APC Microbiome Ireland engaged in an online workshop with secondary school teachers on the topic of Antibiotics and Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) on Monday, 22nd March 2021.

1 Apr 2021

Dr Teresa Barbosa from the School of Pharmacy and Dr Aimee Stapleton and Dr Cara Hueston from APC Microbiome Ireland were delighted to participate in the STE(A)M in Junior Cycle 2021 CPD Calendar programme by facilitating an online workshop for secondary school teachers, developed as part of the new STEAM curriculum Junior Cycle for Teachers. 

The aim of these workshops is to provide professional learning for Junior Cycle teachers with an interest in using societal challenges as a stimulus to engage within and across subject areas.

‘This was a brilliant workshop that really would enhance teaching and learning in the classroom.’

‘Definitely more aware of the need to promote the safe and correct use of antibiotics, if the younger generation are not made aware then no change can happen.’

‘Super workshop.’

‘Made me more aware of microbial resistance and how education plays a key role.’

Well done to the JCT team for coordinating such a fantastic STE(A)M engagement programme!

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