Professors John O’Halloran, Stephen Byrne and Dr. Brendan Griffin attend the inaugural graduation ceremony of the graduates of the new Pharmacy degree at FUE.

24 Oct 2019
Pictured: Professor John O’Halloran, Deputy President and Registrar UCC speaks at the inaugural graduation of the new Pharmacy degree at FUE.

The official graduation of the first graduates of the new BSc Pharmacy degree was held at FUE on 22nd September 2019. Professor John O’Halloran, Deputy President and Registrar, was invited to speak at the graduation to mark significant contribution UCC have made to enhancing the quality of the new pharmacy degree at FUE.

Addressing the new graduates, Professor O’Halloran highlighted the positive benefits of international collaboration in university degrees by enhancing student learning, advancing best practice in academic curricula and improving graduate employability. He congratulated the students on their academic achievements and also the academic staff at both FUE and UCC who have jointly developed and delivered this new pharmacy curriculum. In particular, he highlighted the key role of Professor Stephen Byrne and Dr. Brendan Griffin played in leading this collaboration from UCC’s side and also all the staff at UCC who have embraced and delivered upon this collaboration.  Professor O’Halloran also thanked Ambassador Sean O’Regan, Ambassador of Ireland in Egypt and the staff at the Embassy, for their continuing support in promoting UCC programmes.

In 2014, UCC signed a cooperation agreement with Future University in Egypt (FUE) to support FUE in the delivery of an enhanced Pharmacy degree programme.  The aim of the cooperation agreement is to enhance the teaching and learning of students studying pharmacy at FUE and to develop a collaborative relationship that enhances the overall international profile of both UCC and FUE.  Over the last 5 years, staff at UCC and FUE have been actively collaborating on enhancing the academic standards of the BSc Pharmacy degree at FUE, including numerous UCC staff visits to FUE, exchange of curriculum and FUE students traveling to UCC to attend summer schools.  In 2019, building on the progress of the last five years, FUE and UCC agreed to sign an extension to the cooperation agreement to continue to collaborate for a further 5 years.

Pictured: Professor Stephen Byrne, Professor John O Halloran and Dean Seham Elkheshen, (Head of School of Pharmacy, FUE), present graduation certificates to graduating students.

UCC staff attending the inaugural graduation ceremony of the graduates of the new Pharmacy degree that was established under a FUE-UCC Cooperation agreement.  Pictured (left to right) Professor Stephen Byrne, Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, UCC, Professor John O’Halloran, Deputy President and Registrar, UCC, Dr. Brendan Griffin, Course Director UCC-FUE Certification programme and Kamal Sabra, Adjunct Professor, School of Pharmacy UCC pictured with pharmacy graduates holding the UCC certificates. 


Pictured: UCC staff attending the FUE graduation ceremony: Dr. Brendan Griffin, Prof. John O’Halloran, Dr Seif El Hadidi, Prof. Kamal Sabra and Prof. Stephen Byrne.  Dr. El Hadidi recently completed his PhD in Clinical Pharmacy at UCC and is now a staff member of Clinical Pharmacy Department, FUE

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