Ten Years

We celebrated the 10th anniversary of the founding of the UCC LGBT Staff Network on 12 October 2017. It was a lovely occasion to mark a significant milestone in our history. Plenty of speeches, and a lovely performance by Choral Confusion, Cork's LGBT Choir! 

We were lucky enough to record the speeches from the evening, which you can watch below. We also have a number of photos from the night which we've shared on facebook and in our gallery of the evening

Relive the 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Experience the 10th anniversary virtually, via our recorded speeches and performances below.

During this time, we've witnessed extraordinary legal reforms and cultural changes...

Dr Laurence Davis

Co-Chair, UCC LGBT Staff Network

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We now need to show leadership, embracing all colours of diversity, including gender and LGBT...

Dr Fatima Gurning

Tyndall National Institute

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Symbols matter. Anniversaries matter. Celebrations matter...

Prof Patrick O'Shea

President, UCC

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...moving us toward a society that visibly, symbolically, and in reality, values all of its citizens...

Prof Caroline Fennell


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Ice cream castles in the air...

Choral Con Fusion

Singing "Both Sides"

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I wish I was on yonder hill...

Choral Con Fusion

Singing "Siúil a Rúin"

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Siyahamba ekukhanyeni kwenko...

Choral Con Fusion

Singing "Siyahamba"

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