Cork Lifelong Learning Festival 2018

ACE Event Listing for the Lifelong Learning Festival

Monday 19th March

5-8pm - The Gab Storytelling

The Gab is a community committed to the practice and preservation of the oral tradition of storytelling as well as the development of storytelling as a contemporary art. For the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival The Gab will join forces with Cork Yarnspinners to host a storytelling workshop, a story swap as well as The Gab Mixtape. The Mixtape is a monthly event where storytellers perfect their skills in an informal, positive environment.

Venue: Aula Maxima, UCC

Tuesday 20th March

12-13:30pm - Three Poems for People who Really Dislike Poetry

An enjoyable and interactive workshop given by visiting academic Dr. Michael Reder who is the Director of the Faculty Centre for Teaching and Learning at Connecticut College. What’s the use of poetry? What can it do for us?  Poetry can seem difficult, obscure, boring, and even pretentious. Dr. Reder used to find poetry inaccessible and uninteresting—until he had to teach it to many students who felt the same way that he did.  By digging in deeply, he began to change his attitude about poetry—and that of his students.  In this highly interactive session you will discuss a few poems that helped alter Dr. Reder's relationship with poetry and just might be the key to unlocking your appreciation for what interesting and engaging poetry can do in the world. 

Venue: Aula Maxima, UCC

2-3:15pm - Coaching Skills in Personal Life and in Organisational Settings

This lecture is presented by Pat O Leary who coordinates coaching programmes in UCC, he will explore with you the use of coaching in personal life, business education and sport.

Venue: Aula Maxima, UCC

3:30-5pm - Mindfulness for Everyday Life

Pat O Leary coordinates mindfulness programs at UCC and will provide an introduction what mindfulness is and how it can be used in everyday life.

Venue: Aula Maxima, UCC

5-6pm - Adult Continuing Education Information Session

Have you ever thought about returning to education as an Adult Learner? Now is the time to find out more! At this event you will be provided with information on how to apply for a part time programme at ACE, find out about: fees; what is required of you as an adult learner; supports; the student experience and more. Hear first-hand accounts from current part time students on their experience as an adult learner with ACE!

Venue: Aula Maxima, UCC

7-8pm - The Place of the Honan Chapel in Ireland’s Revolutionary Decade (1914-1924)

James G.R. Cronin will discuss the role of Irish arts in the context of the Irish Revolutionary decade currently being commemorated. In particular, we will discuss how art and politics were interconnected during this period with reference to a study of the Honan Chapel on the grounds of University College Cork.

Venue: The Honan Chapel, UCC

8-9pm - Cór Chúil Aodha

Cór Cúil Aodha was founded by Sean O Riada in 1963, after moving with his family to Cuil Aodha in the Cork Gaeltacht. Since his death in 1971 his son Peadar has been director of the choir, and it is he who composes much of their music, with the late Dónal Ó Liatháin writing the words for a lot of the songs. The choir is an all mens choir of all ages.

Venue: The Honan Chapel, UCC

Wednesday 21st March

12-1pm - How to tell your story through Digital Marketing on various Social Media platforms for Research Projects & Small Businesses!

While researchers may be world-class in their chosen field they are sometimes less knowledgeable about how to get engagement on digital marketing / social media channels. Paul Roseingrave (Tyndall National Institute) will give tips on how to set about the task of creating a strategy and rolling it out across digital platforms for your research project.

Venue: Western Gateway Building, Room 304, UCC

1-2pm - Go on! You can be an Entrepreneur!

This presentation will be delivered by Dr. Owen O Brien a lecturer and previous entrepreneur in residence at UCC. During 2004/5 Owen completed an MBA in University College Cork.  He subsequently went on to complete a DBA (Doctorate in Business Administration) in UCC in 2012 on the teaching of entrepreneurship at university level.

Venue: West Wing, Room 9, Main Quadrangle UCC

5-7pm - A Continuation of the Master of Light Lecture

Stephen Bean, ACE & Audio Visual Media Services, UCC explore the history and use of shadows in photography and art. Georges de LaTour was a 17th Century French painter and this workshop will explore his use of light in his paintings.

Venue: Western Gateway Building Room G02, UCC

7:30-8:30pm - A Taste of Class

The UCC Language Centre invites you to join a 50 minute demonstration English lesson with Fun activities based on languages games, internet resources and video clips.

Venue: O’Rahilly Building ORB 156, UCC

Thursday 22nd March

11am - 3pm Informational booths on water and health benefits of water

There will be three booths set up in the Student Centre of UCC. They will include:

  • A water footprint interactive booth includes determining your water footprint, guessing games to determine how much water is in everyday items
  • A mini water quality monitoring demonstration that will include demonstrations on how to perform physical, chemical, and biological water monitoring. We will provide different samples of water, and give visitors a chance to try water quality monitoring out for themselves
  • An informational booth on the importance of water to a healthy lifestyle. This booth will be run by UCC Health Matters

Venue: Áras Mac Léinn, Student Centre, UCC

12-1pm - What are Global Human Rights?

What is international development in the 21st Century? The UK Institute of Development Studies States ‘International Development is not just about money to fill a gap, it is about change. It is about systems, and politics, and relationships. It is about power. It is about people’s lives.’

Rola Abu Zeid-O Neill will give an overview of the Diploma in Development and Global Human Rights Studies in UCC. This interdisciplinary programme aims to provide a critical understanding of the issues, processes and institutions central to global poverty, inequality & Development.

Venue: West Wing 9, Main Quadrangle, UCC

1-2pm - River Biodiversity Walk hosted by Cork Nature Network

This will be a guided river biodiversity walk hosted by Cork Nature Network at 1 PM. This walk aims to teach people about the plants and animals, specifically otters that are found in and around the River Lee. The walk will take you on a journey along the northern channel of the river Lee to hear about the diversity of wildlife that occurs along the waterways of our city.  It also provides an opportunity to learn about the work being undertaken to monitor and protect these mammals by the CCN team.

Venue: Meet at Wellington Bridge

5-6pm - How does your Vision and Hearing Affect Medical Treatment? Understanding Medical Communication

Doctors appreciate that how we think, hear and see, helps them give safe and effective medical care. We will look at how our memory and senses can deceive us in everyday life, and affect our decision making. We will show how new research from UCC Medical School into hearing loss and healthcare may help to improve patient safety.

Venue: Western Gateway Building, Room 304, UCC

6:30-7:30pm - World Water Day: The Answer is in Nature

A lecture by Dr Simon Harrison relating to the ecology of freshwater systems and this year’s World Water Day theme: the answer is in nature.

Venue: Boole lecture Theatre 1, UCC

Friday 23rd March

11am-12pm - What do you Know about Women and Islam?

Islam is the most criticized religion for its attitude towards women. In this event Rola Abu Zeid O Neill of ACE discussed the status and the role of women in Islam. She will cover the different practices towards women such as polygamy, veiling (hijab) and explores Islamic feminism, opportunities of interpreting the Quran and what tools Muslims use for challenging Islam’s androcentric interpretations.

Venue: Brookfield Health Sciences, Room G06, UCC

1-2:30pm - Fake News: The War on Truth in the Age of Social Media

This presentation will explore the growing struggle to separate objective fact from partisan opinion and the potential threat this poses to democracy. Amongst the topics that will be discussed include: attempts by Russian agitators to influence voters in both the US Presidential Election and the EU Referendum in 2016, the shrill and simplistic nature of online debate and the dumbing-down of news media. This presentation will also focus on how social media actively controls our consumption of information; a phenomenon that has the effect of entrenching opinions and widening political divisions. Lecture by Anthony Angelini.

Venue: West Wing Room 6, Main Quadrangle, UCC

3-4pm - Human Rights in Iran 1979 until Present Day

Presented by Dr. Amin Sharifi Isaloo who has a PhD in Sociology. He is the author of the book ‘Power, Legitimacy and the Public Sphere: The Iranian Ta’ziyeh Theatre Ritual’. His fields of interest include politics, religion and culture.

Venue: West Wing Room 6, Main Quadrangle, UCC

Adult Continuing Education

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