These resources are available in Ionad na Gaeilge Labhartha for students of Irish, for teachers of Irish and for staff members.  All the resources can be used in Room ORB G01 in the O'Rahilly Building or in the Language Centre at times when the rooms are available.  Individuals will be allowed to borrow these resources by going to ORB G02 and by filling out a green card.  

You can borrow books, newspapers and magazines for a period of four days.  With regards to the other resources, for examples CDs, they can be used in the O'Rahilly Building between 9:15am and 5pm.  A person who looses an item which has been borrowed a fine shall be issued.   If you wish to avail of this service please bring a valid UCC ID card with you.

The following types of DVDs are available:

Media that has been produced/commisioned by Ionad na Gaeilge Labhartha
Cartoons in Irish
History programmes
Music programmes
Literature programmes
Sports programmes 

A comprehensive list of the DVDs that are available from Ionad na Gaeilge Labhartha can be viewed here:

DVDanna IGL (534kB)

We have the following types of cassettes:

Irish music 
Programmes from Raidió na Gaeltachta
Irish speakers 
Excerpts from different books

Please click on the link to view the catalogue: 

Cáisíní IGL (23kB)

We have the following types of CDs in our catalogue:

Irish music 
Programmes from Raidió na Gaeltachta (including 570 CDs from Cartlann Bhóthar na Léinsí)
Native Irish speakers from the Gaeltacht

Please press on the link to view the catalogue:

CDanna Ionad na Gaeilge Labhartha (93kB)

The records that we have are available on CD as well.

Please press on the link to view the catalogue: 

Céirníní IGL (83kB)

Ionad na Gaeilge Labhartha has two libraries, one in ORB G01 and the other in Dún Chíomháin.  Here are some of the catogories of books that we have:

  • Dictionaries
  • Novels, Short stories, Poetry
  • Textbooks for schools and universities;
  • Childrens books
  • Multilingual books
  • Language teaching

We have copies of the following newspapers/magazines:

Lá/Lá Nua

The Translation Unit has two different types of interpreting equipment

Cyflais 2

This equipment allows the interpreter(s) to listen to up to nine delegates at a time and their speech can be translated into two different languages. There are two translation booths available with this equipment.  A technician needs to be present when using this equipment.  Ionad na Gaeilge Labhartha has 80 rechargable headphones which can be used with this system.

Cyflais 3 

This interpreting equipment can be described as a whispering system. It is useful for small meetings and it is easier to transport.  There are no booths needed with this system and an interpreter is usually placed at the back of the room.  One language can be translated and 80 rechargable headphones are available for listeners.   A translator from The Translation Unit needs to be present when this equipment is being used to deal with any technical issues.

With regards to the two systems, a period of 2 weeks notice needs to be provided.  For further information, please contact Cormac Ó hAodha, The Translation Unit, Ionad na Gaeilge Labhartha, UCC.  He can be contacted by phone on  + 353 (0)21 490 3105 or by email:


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