Irish Course for UCC Students >> A voluntary course which is available to every student of UCC

Course for Prospective Students of PME in Primary Teaching >>  A course for students with an interest in Primary School teaching

Irish Grammar Course for Students >> A course for students with a particular interest in Irish grammar

Night Course for Graduates  >> A night course for graduates wishing to apply for the PME in Primary Teaching

Night Courses in Spoken Irish >> Night courses for members of the public

Night Course for Parents >> A night course for parents of infants

Night Course for Teachers >> A refresher course in Irish grammar for teachers

Application Forms >>  Application forms for night courses

Spoken Irish Courses for UCC Staff >> A Course for UCC staff members

Diploma in Applied Irish  >> A part time diploma course that runs for two years

GA1120: Introduction to Modern Irish  >>  A beginners course for students who have had little or no contact with the Irish language 

GA1121: Introduction to Modern Irish/Intermediate >>  A continuation course for students who have done GA1120 or its equivelant

Irish Course for Professional Master of Education (PME) Students >> A course which is available for PME students

Computer Courses for Staff >> ICT courses for staff members of the University

Smartphones, Tablets and Conversation  >>  A course for people with smartphones and tablets

Computer Course >>  A computer course for people with basic computer skills

Irish Grammar Course >>  Irish grammar course

Professional Journalism  >>  A short course in Irish language journalism

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