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ESPRIT is a national hub and an internationally recognised research group with a shared vision to reduce the human, societal and economic burden of preventable disease, and to generate evidence to guide research translation. Our researchers maximise the use of existing data to establish health priorities and develop, test and inform the implementation and dissemination of evidence-based interventions and policies across the prevention continuum and across settings.



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Chronic Disease Burden Report
31 May 2022

EPICC launch Chronic Disease Burden Report - May 2022

Chronic diseases like heart disease and diabetes are the most common causes of death throughout Europe, including Ireland. The rise in chronic disease is increasing demand on health systems worldwide and is extremely costly for governments. In addition to this increasing demand, there is a widening gap between available resources and healthcare costs. The costs will continue to increase unless governments can find a better way to prevent and treat these diseases.    
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16 Nov 2021

HRB Ones2Watch 2021

Congratulations to Jennifer Pallin and Katarzyna Gajewska who were selected as finalists for the 2021 HRB Ones2Watch Competition. Jennifer and Kate were two of the four selected finalists who had their videos showcased at the HRB Ones2Watch conference on the 7th October.    
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Research Vacancy
23 Jul 2021

Master of Public Health (MPH) Studentship

School: School of Public Health College: College of Medicine & Health Contract Type: Fixed Term Whole-Time   Job Type: Research  
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Dáire Buckley - TMRN Summer Scholarship
09 Jun 2021

Dáire Buckley joins the SPH Health Implementation Research team for a TMRN Summer Scholarship

Dáire has started on an eight-week Trial Methodology Research Network Scholarship. Dáire has just completed a BSc. Public Health Sciences at UCC. Over the course of the Scholarship, Dáire will work on a project entitled ‘What works to recruit primary care practices for trials?’ supervised by Dr Fiona Riordan. Dáire will conduct a rapid evidence review of primary care trials reporting or testing recruitment strategies. The aim of the project is to determine: 1) which strategies have been used to recruit practices for clinical or implementation trials and shown to be effective, and 2) the profile of practices which take part, inferring which practices may be ‘harder to reach’ for trials. Researchers have difficulty recruiting primary care practices to participate in trials and little is known about which recruitment strategies work best, or which practices they reach. It is hoped that the findings will guide researchers on the selection of recruitment strategies, with the potential to improve recruitment of diverse practices, and the generalisability of trial results.   Dáire will present the findings digital poster format for online display at the next (virtual) 7th Trial Methodology Symposium on October 4-6th 2021.
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