Welcome to ESPRIT

ESPRIT research is based on a shared vision to reduce the economic and societal burden of preventable disease, and to generate the best available evidence to guide research translation. 

  • Embedded in a number of Centres and Institutes, expertise in observational epidemiology and clinical trials is aligned with a number of the associated research areas within Biological and Medical Sciences, including Epidemiology and Public Health; Ageing, Women and Child Health; Food, Nutrition and Health; Cancer. 
  • Makes a major contribution to the ongoing development of four of the College of Medicine and Health in UCC thematic areas as research priorities, which include Food and Health; Women and Children; Public Health and Health Services Research; Cancer Research.
  • From a national perspective, mapped directly to the mission of the Health Research Board (HRB) recent strategy ‘Research. Evidence. Action 2016-2020’, to improve people’s health and to enhance healthcare delivery.

The overall ESPRIT research programme, aligned with the overarching vision of UCC and national strategic priorities, is embedded in the health system and is impacting directly on national policy, on practice, and on health outcomes.

ESPRIT Research Group

UCC School of Public Health, Western Gateway Building, Western Road, Cork,