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New paper published in Health Expectations.

1 May 2020

The paper reports the findings of a Study Within a Trial (SWAT) conducted as part of the IDEAs study, specifically as part of the consensus group meetings carried out with people with diabetes and health care professionals.

The aim of the SWAT was to compare participants’ experiences of taking part in one of three types of consensus meetings—people with diabetes‐only, combined people with diabetes and health‐care professionals (HCPs) or HCP‐only meeting. Quantitative (questionnaire) and qualitative (observation notes and semi‐structured telephone interviews) data were collected to explore participants’ experiences. Participants’ questionnaire responses suggested similar positive experiences across the three meetings. Observation and semi‐structured interviews highlighted differences experienced by participants in the combined meeting relating to: perceived lack of common ground; feeling empowered versus undervalued; needing to feel safe and going off task to fill the void. You can read the full paper here.

IDEAs (Improving Diabetes Eye screening Attendance)

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