Work Packages

Our Aim

The aim of the IDEAs study is to investigate the feasibility of an intervention to increase retinopathy screening registration, consent and attendance. There are four work packages. We will use the findings from these different pieces of work to decide whether it is appropriate to continue to a larger study that would test whether the intervention improves screening registration and attendance.

Work Package 1: Intervention Development

We have developed an intervention guided by previous research, theory, and input from patients and members of the public (PPI), and health care professionals. Parts of the intervention target practice staff to help them to deliver reminders about screening to patients and other parts are designed to encourage patients to attend screening.

More information on what our intervention involves is available here.


Work Package 2: Pilot Trial

We are conducting a pilot trial to examine whether the intervention is feasible in general practice. Practices will be assigned to receive the intervention or be part of a control group (who wait for 6 months before receiving the intervention). We will examine how many practices can be recruited to take part and stay in the study, how many people are registered for and attend screening, and whether practices deliver the intervention as planned.

Eight practices based across Ireland are taking part in our pilot trial which started in July 2019.

Work Package 3: Process Evaluation

We are examining the acceptability and feasibility of the intervention by collecting quantitative and qualitative data on how the intervention is delivered and interviewing general practice staff and people with diabetes attending that practice. We will also explore their opinions on how the study is being conducted including the type of information we collect and the way it is collected.

Work Package 4: Economic Evaluation

We are estimating the economic cost of developing and delivering the intervention in general practice compared to the control and conducting a budget impact analysis to predict the potential financial impact of the adoption and diffusion of the intervention.


IDEAs (Improving Diabetes Eye screening Attendance)

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