Seanad Éireann Registration

Seanad Éireann Registration

"[E]very person who is a citizen of Ireland and has received a degree (other than an honorary degree) in the National University of Ireland, and has attained the age of 18 years, shall be entitled to be registered as an elector in the register of electors for the National University constituency" (Seanad Electoral (University Members) Act, 1937 s.7(1)).

To be eligible to vote in the Seanad Election (NUI Constituency), a graduate's name must be on the NUI Seanad Éireann Register of Electors. A graduate may request a Registration Claim Form at any time from the NUI Office, or download one from

NUI Graduates (who are otherwise eligible) who return completed Registration Claim Forms to the NUI Office by 26 February in any given year will be listed in the NUI Seanad Éireann Register to be published on 1st June of that year.


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