Raymond Caron

Raymond Caron (1605?-1666)

Born near Athlone where, at the age of about sixteen, he became a Franciscan friar.  He studied philosophy at Drogheda until the government suppressed the convents there, at which point he fled to the continent and continued his studies in Salzburg and Louvain.  He taught in the latter for some period, before returning to Ireland as a missionary, and as commissary-general of the recollects.  He supported the position of the royalist Catholics, coming under the protection of the third earl of Castlehaven, James Touchet.  He died at Dublin in May 1666.  His Roma Triumphans is a book of apologetics, setting out the principles of Roman Catholicism, while he also wrote a guide for missionaries (n.5) which was later expanded (n.7), but placed on the Index in 1661 until corrected.  It was never removed.



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3.            Conclusiones Theologicae de Regulis Morum et Jure Regularium Communi et Sacramentali (Louvain, 1645), Quarto.

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9.            Remonstrantia Hibernorum Contra Lovanienses, Ultramontanasque Censuras, de Incommutabili Regum Imperio Subditorumque Fidelitate et Obedientia Indispensabile ([London], 1665), Folio.

10.       Peter Walsh and Raymond Caron, Causa Valesiana Epistolis Ternis Praelibata: In Antecessum Fusioris Apologiae (London, 1684), Octa

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