MA in Renaissance Latin Culture

MA in Renaissance Latin Culture

The MA in Renaissance Latin Culture is a one-year taught programme (or two years part-time) that offers a deep engagement with the intellectual culture of the European Renaissance through historical re-enactment of key events and elements of renaissance culture. This ground-breaking new approach to the acquisition of skills-training for historical research offers an imaginative path-way towards representing history through the media and heritage industry, while also providing students with a thorough grounding in the skills that they need to undertake innovative research in the field of renaissance history.

An introductory video discussing the goals and approach of the MA may be viewed here:

A key component of the programme is the recreation of a renaissance classroom experience, learning to read, write and speak Latin, in order to examine the intellectual formation of educated men and women from the target period. As students are acquiring these skills, they will study the diverse ways in which renaissance writers applied ancient learning to interpret and transform their own rapidly changing world  – the voyages of discovery, the scientific revolution, new types of warfare and governance, and the transformation of art and literature. The programme is designed to give students excellent training in research skills while providing maximum freedom to explore renaissance history and culture from the perspective of their own research interests.

Classes will also include blended learning through the use of digital resources, as well as work in the university archive and in the special collections section of the library. Students will learn to combine examination of the material culture of the renaissance with use of modern digital technologies, including presentation of their work in the form of an online exhibition.

A central theme of the MA is how renaissance scholars persuaded their societies of the importance of the humanities, helping to create a cultural sphere that we still enjoy today. Accordingly, students will examine techniques of self-promotion and advocacy undertaken by renaissance scholars, using these to reflect upon present opportunities for work in the arts and humanities.



  • LT6001 First Year Latin (15 credits)*
  • CC6008 Palaeography and Manuscript Based Research (10 Credits)
  • HI6077 The Classical Revival 1250-1500 (10 credits)
  • HI6078New Worlds, Ancient Texts (10 credits)
  • HI6079 Schola Latina (15 credits)
  • HI6080 Dissertation (30 credits)**

 * Students who have previously studied first-year Latin may take 15 credits of other Latin modules, chosen in consultation with the programme director.

** Students who are unable to complete the dissertation may exit with a Postgraduate Diploma in Renaissance Latin Studies.


Students who study the course part-time take the following modules in Year 1: LT6001, HI6077 and HI6079. 



The fee for Irish/EU students is: €6,000 full-time; €3,000 per year part-time.

The fee for non-EU students is:  € full-time; € per year part-time.



Anyone interested in applying should contact Dr Jason Harris for further information:

The application itself must be made UCC's application system.

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