Anthony Bruodin

Anthony Bruodin (d.1675)

Bruodin was a member of the MacBrodys of Dunogan in Thomond.  He was a Franciscan with a tumultuous personality.  He joined the Irish community in Prague in 1650, but quickly quitted the Irish College for the Bohemian Franciscan friary at Olomouc, where he became guardian in 1663.  Five years later he became guardian of the friary of Our Lady of the Snows in Prague.  His masterwork was the ambitious and impressive Propugnaculum, which was a systematic polemic history of heresy down to the present day, from which the account of Ireland was later extracted to form a separate publication in the eighteenth century (no.7).  In book five of the Propugnaculum Bruodin attacked the writings of Thomas Carve (see separate entry in Finding-list) which prompted a controversy that can be followed in Carve's work and in no.5 below - Carve ascribed authorship of the latter to Bruodin, using a pseudonym, but the attribution is not certain.


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