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'How can higher education 'build forward better' - Part I Research and Innovation'

18 Feb 2021

Future Earth Ireland (FEI) in collaboration with various Irish Higher Education Institutions is organising a series of webinars addressing the question "How can higher education 'build forward better'?" in the post Covid-19 context. The first webinar will take place on Tuesday 23 February and will focus on how higher education can build forward better in research and innovation.

The series will consist of three webinars focusing on the core HEI activities of (i) research and innovation, (ii) engaging with society, and (iii) teaching and learning. The webinar series is aimed at academics, policymakers, students, and the wider stakeholder community

The first webinar in the series will take place on Tuesday 23 February at 3pm.

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This first webinar is co-hosted by the UCD Earth Institute and will feature contributions from: 

  • Prof. Linda Doyle, Trinity College Dublin
  • Dr. Olga Grant, Office of Government Procurement
  • Prof. Ana Viseu, University of Lisbon
  • Prof. Brian Ó Gallachóir, University College Cork
  • Prof. Tasman Crowe, University College Dublin Earth Institute (chair)

The session will focus on questions such as:

  • How has our understanding of sustainability research and innovation been altered by the Covid-19 pandemic? What new research agendas have been opened up?
  • How can cross-disciplinary and cross-institution collaboration be fostered, including between STEM and AHSS disciplines?
  • How can national research infrastructure be calibrated to enable impactful sustainability research?
  • How can knowledge transfer be enacted and enhanced in a post-Covid world to translate evidence bases and solutions?

About the webinar series

The pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges across our societies and economies, upending conventional wisdom in myriad ways. But the challenge of transitioning to a sustainable future remains an urgent priority at national, European and global level. The need to "build back better" or, perhaps more appropriately, "build forward better", has become a slogan of those seeking to integrate sustainability priorities into Covid-19 recovery plans.

Higher education has a crucial role to play in the transition to a sustainable future. Higher education campuses and staff can lead by example, pilot and showcase best practice in sustainability initiatives, support policymaking and industry with evidence-based solutions and engage generations of learners towards more sustainable ways of living.

The second and third webinars in this series, focused on "Engaging with Society" and "Teaching and Learning", are expected to take place in March and April. Details of these will be circulated in due course.



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