Publication TitleAuthors/EditorsYearNo. of Pages
The Potential of the Cooperative Form  Aisling Moroney, Dr. Bob Briscoe, Dr. Olive McCarthy, Dr. Mary O’Shaughnessy and Professor Michael Ward  2009  19
Structure and culture: The evolution of Irish agricultural cooperation (abstract Aisling Murtagh & Michael Ward 2009  
Risk Management in Lithuanian and Irish Credit Unions Trends and Impacts on Credit Union Development   Kaupelyte D and O.McCarthy, Journal of Rural Co-operation (Vol 34, No 2)  2006  
Helping Ourselves:Success Stories in Co-operative Business and Social Enterprise Robert Briscoe & Michael Ward (eds) 2005 230
Artists Co-ops and their Potential to Contribute to the Development of the Visual Arts Sector in Ireland  Noreen Byrne, Bridget Carroll & Michael Ward  2005  
Exploring the Differences, A Comparative Analysis of Irish Urban and Rural Social Enterprises.  Mary O’ Shaughnessy, Margaret Fenton & Patricia O’ Hara 2005  13 
A Study of Volunteerism in Irish Credit Unions and Social Enterprises Noreen Byrne, Olive McCarthy & Mary O’Shaughnessy 2004 110
An examination of the role of the Early Retirement Scheme in Rejuvenating the Irish Farm Workforce  Mary O'Shaughnessy  2004  9
How do Government Policies and Programmes, Impact on Third Sector Organisations Offering Work Opportunities for Disadvantaged Workers? Lessons from Research into Organisations in Ireland and the UK  Mary O'Shaugnessy & Margaret Fenton  2004   
Work Integration Social Enterprises in Ireland  Mary O'Shaugnessy & Patricia O'Hara 2004   
A Values Perspective of the Irish Credit Union Movement  Olive McCarthy 2002  
Women in the Irish Credit Union Movement: North and South Donal McKillop, Olive McCarthy, Michael Ward, Bob Briscoe & Charles Fergusson 2002 141
Innovation and Change in Irish Credit Unions Ray O’Connor, Olive McCarthy & Michael Ward 2002 90
Training and Education in Irish Credit Unions Noreen Byrne, Olive McCarthy & Michael Ward 2002 109
No Study, No Credit Union :An Irish Perspective on Education and Training in Credit Unions.  Noreen Byrne, Olive McCarthy & Michael Ward 2002   11
Credit Union Communications Olive McCarthy, Mairtín O Fathaigh, Michael Ward 2001 78
The Competitive Advantages of Co-operatives Robert Briscoe & Michael Ward 2000  
The Co-operatives of Ireland Robert Briscoe & Michael Ward (eds) 2000  
Credit Union Services: Opinions, Challenges and Opportunities Bowen M., O Fathaigh M. & Ward M 1999  
Credit Unions and Job Creation Olive McCarthy, Robert Briscoe & Michael Ward 1999  
An Analysis of Youth Involvement in Irish Credit Unions Olive McCarthy, Robert Briscoe & Michael Ward 1999  

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