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The Competitive Advantages of Co-operatives

The Competitive Advantage of Co-Operatives

Authors: Briscoe R. & Ward M. 2000

ISBN: 0 946503 14 1

Price: â‚¬7

This book sets out to understand the competitive advantages of co-operatives in general and co-operatives in Ireland in particular. It explores the values and strategies of several of the main co-operative sectors in Ireland, including credit unions, agricultural co-operatives, community co-operatives, workers’ co-operatives and other social enterprises. It provides the interested reader with an introduction to the concept of the co-operative, its relevance in the age of globalisation and its many applications. It also outlines, with examples, the key competitive advantages of co-operative in general and discusses some of the special management issues faced by co-ops. It is designed as a companion volume to Abstract Co-Operatives of Ireland

Centre for Co-operative Studies

O'Rahilly Building, University College Cork, Cork