Bystander Intervention Week 2022: Bystander Intervention to launch first targeted on-campus week of events since beginning of the pandemic

10 Feb 2022

Bystander Intervention Week 2022 is running from the 14th – 18th February with both digital and in-person events. The week will highlight the issue of gender-based violence and sexual harassment both on and off university campuses. It is the first UCC on-campus Intervention week since 2019 when a mural was erected on the Boole Library wall calling for an end to sexual harassment and gender-based violence.

Read on for more information on the week's events.


A range of events will be held over the course of the week to highlight the issue of sexual harassment and violence in the community. Those present in the Consent*Tent situated outside the Student Centre will include An Garda Síochána, The Sexual Violence Centre, Women’s Aid, Dash Mobile Unit,, Move Ireland & UCC Students’ Union who will be available to answer questions and provide support to students and staff. There will also be themed Focus Sessions that will work to explain and enhance awareness around specific issues, where effective intervention from bystanders can make a significant difference. These sessions will be held online at 11am during Bystander week. 


Confirmed speakers include:

  • Mary Hayes, “Too Into You” Project Lead, Women’s Aid (Intimate Partner Violence)
  • Eve McDowell, Co-Founder (Stalking Awareness)
  • Professor Louise Crowley, Director Bystander Intervention Programme (Aims and Impact of the Bystander Intervention Programme)


Further information and registration links will be found on the Bystander website: and our social media - Instagram: @bystanderucc | Twitter: @BystanderUcc


Boole Library Exhibition

An exhibition of reflections submitted by Digital Badge recipients as part of their completion of the Bystander Intervention Programme will be exhibited in the Boole library for the duration of Bystander Week. The work is a stunning mix of poetry, prose and art that demonstrates the impact of the programme. The reflections will be displayed in the exhibition space on the ground floor of the UCC Boole Library. 

The week is aptly timed given the recent findings of the National Surveys of Student and Staff Experiences of Sexual Violence and Sexual Harassment in Higher Education, as well as the heightened attention on gender-based violence following the death of Ashling Murphy in January 2022.

Professor Louise Crowley, Director of the Bystander Intervention Programme has emphasised the importance of delivering inclusive and effective education to all of society to ensure a collective response to the issue of intimate partner abuse and all forms of sexual harassment and violence. Whilst sexual harassment and violence is perpetrated by the minority, it is essential that everyone plays a role in establishing a shared rejection of all forms of abuse and collectively demand a new norm of dignity, respect and equality. We look forward to engaging with the UCC community and beyond during Bystander Intervention week and to securing a safe, respectful experience for all.