HDip Arts - History of Art


This programme may be undertaken either full-time over one academic year or part-time over two. The student selects modules in the History of Art to the equivalent of 60 credits; these modules will be chosen by the student in consultation with the HDip Coordinator, having regard to timetable constraints and suitability of course combinations. Applicants with little previous knowledge of the History of Art are welcome to audit HA1001.

This HDip is ideal for individuals who:

  • have an active interest in the History of Art but do not already possess a degree in the discipline
  • are currently employed in some branch of the arts and wish to obtain an academic qualification in the area
  • require a conversion course to apply for graduate study in Art History

Choice of Modules (2023/24)

60 credits are required and students must choose modules from the following list:

  • HA2003 Modernism in Europe - Semester 1 (5 credits)
  • HA2005 Art & Patronage in Renaissance Italy - Semester 1 (5 credits) 
  • HA2009 Creator & Subject: Themes in Portraiture - Semester 2 (5 credits) 
  • HA2011 From Modernism to Postmodernism - Semester 2 (5 credits)
  • HA2024 Legible/Visible: Art & Interpretation - Semester 1 (10 credits)
  • HA2025 Representations - Semester 2 (10 credits) 
  • HA3015 Approaches to the History of Art - Semester 2 (5 credits)
  • HA3029 Art & Gender Identities - Semester 1 (5 credits)
  • HA3031 Global Artistic Interventions - Semester 2 (10 credits)
  • HA3032 Impact: Or, How Art Matters - Semester 2 (10 credits)
  • HA3033 Themes in Modern Art - Semester 1 (10 credits)
  • HA3034 Visualizing War - Semester 1 (10 credits)
  • HA3035 Roma Caput Mundi - Semester 1 (10 credits)
  • HA3037 Feminist Visual Activism - Semester 2 (10 credits)

For further information (course content, time of classes, location of classes, etc.) click here for second-year modules, and here for third-year modules.

Contact Details & Further Information

Application and Course Information: see http://www.ucc.ie/en/study/postgrad/what/acsss/hdip/histart/

For any queries, please contact the HDip Coordinator, Dr Flavio Boggi, f.boggi@ucc.ie

History of Art

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