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Mary Healy on Marie Elisabeth Aimée Lucas-Robiquet

1 Dec 2015

Mary Healy, Lecturer in History of Art, recently published an article on French Orientalist artist Marie Elisabeth Aimée Lucas-Robiquet (1858-1959) in Women's Studies: An Inter-Disciplinary Journal.

Presently, only one female artist, Henriette Browne (1829-1901), has been recognised in the canon of French Orientalist art. Through empirical research I have recorded eighty-six, largely ignored, French female artists whose works—for a period of their practices—show influence of Orientalist subject matter. These artists practiced in France and the Maghreb region of North Africa between 1860 and 1962. This article, which is made up of two parts, will focus on the French Orientalist Marie Elisabeth Aimée Lucas-Robiquet (1858-1959). The first part will present Lucas-Robiquet’s artist biography and the second will examine her Orientalist paintings. The study positions Lucas-Robiquet’s paintings in French Orientalist scholarship by applying gendered, French colonial and artistic theoretical frameworks to her most historically noted Orientalist series: her North African weaver paintings.

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