UCC Academy proud to be a part of EU project TRANSLATE

5 Aug 2021

The project aims to develop innovative materials to convert waste heat into electricity.

Tackling climate change requires a radical shift in how we produce and consume energy, away from fossil fuel burning and towards clean, renewable sources of energy. Yet every day, it’s estimated that 70% of all the energy produced from sources such as power generators, factories, and homes is lost in the form of heat, which evaporates away into the atmosphere. This wasted heat is one of the largest sources of clean and inexpensive energies available, and yet it is currently untapped.

Although technologies for converting waste heat into electrical energy have been around for a long time, there is still no environmentally sustainable and efficient technology platform available for the harvesting of low-grade waste heat.

The central aim of TRANSLATE is to develop a new proof-of-concept nanofluidic platform technology based on the flux of ions in nanochannels, leading to a breakthrough in versatile and sustainable energy harvesting and storage.

TRANSLATE is a Horizon 2020 FET-Open project (2021-2025) coordinated by Professor Justin Holmes from the University College Cork. The multidisciplinary team includes researchers and industry experts from University College Cork, Tyndall National Institute, TU Darmstadt, University of Latvia, Cidete, and UCC Academy.

TRANSLATE has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement number 964251. 

UCC Academy's Tamela Maciel and Rebecca Buckley will support the project management and science communication. 

Watch the Translate video here


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