TG 3 Training and Education

Training and Education (TG 3)


Éva Hideg (TG3 leader, STSM coordinator)

Marie-Theres Hauser (WG1 representative)

Nora O'Brien (WG2 representative)

Otmar Urban (WG3 representative)

Line Nybakken (WG4 representative)

 The mission of TG3 is:

  • to coordinate all exchange activities (STSM), establishing (in conjunction with the MC) guidelines to assure optimal use of funding,
  • to promote participation of Early Stage Researchers (ESRs).

  To perform these tasks, TG3 will:

  • ensure that ESRs have all information on STSM, other Domain of Food and Agriculture level COST grants and UV4growth Action activities,
  • collect, evaluate and forward STSM and other grant application to the MC Chair with TG3’s recommendations,
  • be active and initiative in organising events which provide learning experience for ESR,
  • provide a written report on TG3 activities at the end of each fiscal year for the annual report of the whole Action.

In addition to the above, in the first year TG3 will:

  • establish evaluation criteria for STSM applications,
  • promote the active participation of ESR's at the 1st Annual Meeting.


ESR newsletters

Technical group 3 publishes regular newsletters which are sent out to Early Stage Researchers (ESR) by email. They can also be found here:

ESR Newsletters