STSM4 Report Kristof Csepregi

HPLC-MS techniques for the identification and quantification of flavonoid glycosides in UV exposed grapevine leaves

Kristóf Csepregi visited Prof. Monika Schreiner in Germany (15 days in 2013)

My PhD topic is the role of flavonoids in the sunlight adaptation of grapevine leaves. During this STSM project I have been measuring HPLC-MS phenolic compositions of Pinot Noir grapevine leaves. Samples were collected during July-August 2012 and 2013 by participants of an international cooperation of the different European vineyards (Grapevine Ultraviolet Network within UV4growth). Lyophilized samples from 6 different sites in 2012 and from 12 sites (of which 6 are the same as in 2012) in 2013. Were analysed for major phenolic components, especially UV-inducible flavonoids in Leibniz-Institute of Vegetable and Ornamental Crops. Dr Susanne Neugart has already measured the 2012 samples before the STSM but in addition to analysing 2013 samples, we also repeated measurements on the 2012 samples to make data more accurate. During this STSM in Grossbeeren I learn about the HPLC-MS technique, evaluation methods and in discussions as well. I gained new experience which will promote my PhD.