STSM3 Report Xiaolin Chen

Nano Particles and UVB

Xiaolin Chen visited Prof. Éva Hideg in Pécs (10 days in April 2013)

In this STSM to Hungary different assays were used to look at the effect of exposure to nano-ZnO particles and/or UVB. Extracts of treated Lemna minor were used in this study, and FRAP and ABTS assays were carried out with the help of the host.

Total Antioxidant Capacity (TAC) was determined in both assays used. The assays gave different results. While both assays normally show good correlation with total phenolic content, the ABTS assay has been reported to be slightly more sensitive to ferulic acid and catechin. Such differences may explain the minor discrepancies between the two assays.

In this short study, UVB seemed to act as a positive stress after exposure to nano-ZnO particles, inducing antioxidant defences.

After this short-term study in Hungary, I will now repeat these two methods independently, to be able to assess TAC of plants under more different treatment conditions.