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STSM3 Report Ken Yokawa

Measurement of Reactive Oxygen Species with EPR

Ken Yokawa visited Dr. Anja Liszkay in France (5 days in February 2013)

The purpose of this stay was to detect the generation of reactive oxygen species with electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) method when roots respond to UV-B. EPR measurements were conducted under the guidance of Dr. Anja Liszkay in the laboratory at the Service de Bioénergétique, Biologie structural et Mecanismes, CEA, Saclay from 25th of Feb to 1st of Mar. Although it had some difficulties with the experimental procedure, the signal of radical generation after the UV-B irradiation to roots was detected. EPR measurements for UV-B experiments should carefully be planed and interpreted. We are currently working on the role of ROS as an upstream signaling event leading to change auxin distribution, cytoskeleton in root apex region. In terms of root UV-B avoiding tropism, further investigation of the involvement of the radicals generated by UV-B and subsequent signaling are planned.