STSM3 Report Gyula Czegeny

UV-B specific ROS responses

Gyula Czégény visited Prof. Åke Strid in Sweden (22 days in December 2012).

The ability of high UV doses is known to provoke the production of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in leaves. Responses of antioxidants to lower, environmentally relevant doses suggest that the balance of prooxidants and antioxidants is disturbed under this condition, too. Our aim was to investigate the potential of longer wavelength UV to promote this reaction in plant leaves. To continue experiments which were carried out during my previous STSM at Professor Strid’s laboratory, to turn pilot experiments into a complete series for publication.The results confirm the original hypothesis that in addition to being a direct source of ROS, UV-B is also capable of modifying physiological low ROS in leaves. We have qualitative example of the former process and can quantify the latter with an action spectrum. Results of the experiments carried out during my STSM as well as the follow-up work will be part of my future PhD thesis.