Application and Reporting

STSM Applications


The STSM application should contain the following:

  • the STSM application form (generated by COST after registration online)
  • the applicant’s CV
  • the applicant’s publication list
  • a motivation letter
  • a work plan

In addition, the application may contain a letter of support from the applicant’s home institution.


The above are to be sent as e-mail attachments. The e-mail

The STSM coordinator is responsible for circulating the application to all TG3 members. Based on evaluation criteria, TG3 assesses the application and advises the MC Chair regarding approval. The MC Chair informs the COST Office Science Officer and the grant holder on the decision.

The decisions and assessments regarding all STSM applications will be reported to the next MC meeting and recorded in the minutes of the meeting.

Assessment Criteria of STSM Applications

The applicant should be:

  • an ESR (PhD student or young researcher < 10 years after PhD),
  • based in a country which has signed the MoU of UV4growth Action.

The future host should be in a country which:

  • has signed the MoU of UV4growth Action,
  • is different from where the applicant’s home institution is located. 

The STSM Work Plan should be:

  • relevant to the objectives of UV4growth Action,
  • possible to complete within the time frames set.

The proposal should have

  • a realistic budget (approximately 300 EUR for travel and 400 EUR/week for meals and accommodation, unless in special circumstances). 

Applications not matching the above criteria will be rejected.

The STSM Report

According to COST regulations, the STSM grantee is required to submit a short (maximum 4 pages) scientific report on the visit. In addition to a summary of results, the STSM grantee should include a short self-assessment, describing how s/he sees the success of the STSM and its impact on his/her scientific carrier (see Criteria below).

This should be submitted:

The STSM co-ordinator is responsible for circulating the report and for enquiring about the STSM Host’s opinion. TG3 assesses the report and advises the MC Chair whether it is to be approved. The MC Chair sends the report and its evaluation to the COST Office or the Administrating Institute.

A letter from the STSM Host confirming the STSM in their institution, as well as travel tickets will be required for administrative purposes, and are to be sent to the Grant Holder upon request after the STSM visit.

Assessment Criteria of the STSM Report

TG3 will assess the STSM report based on the following criteria:

Scientific success of the STSM, in terms of:

  • impact on the related topic,
  • benefit for other UV4 growth Action participants (for example via formulating interdisciplinary questions or developing methods),
  • quality of the dissemination in the report,
  • expected/in-progress further scientific dissemination (publications, other dissemination activities),
  • expected/in-progress public dissemination (impacts on social, cultural, ecological, medical, economic areas and/or technology).

Contribution of the STSM to the ESR’s promotion, in terms of:

  • forming international contacts,
  • personal development as a scientist,
  • improvement of the ESR's standing in the relevant scientific community.

 Efficiency, in terms of:

  • use of available resources, involvement of extra funding,
  • changes in the original research plan (if it was changed) and whether these changes were justified,
  • proportionality of the duration of the STSM and its outcomes.