Our Service

We are UCC's managed consultancy unit. The UCC Innovation consultancy team provides a comprehensive service to all academic staff undertaking consultancy work. We support our academic consultants by assisting with the risk management, project management and administrative aspects involved in the delivery of consultancy work, so that our experts can focus on applying their expertise and know-how to real-world problems.

Our service includes:

  • Details on the various types of consultancy
  • Assistance with the internal approval process
  • Development of a Statement of Work
  • Negotiation of attractive commercial terms & conditions
  • Access to frequently used templates
  • Billing & invoicing
  • Debt collection & payments
  • Internal income distribution
  • Recording of consultancy activities
  • Consultancy training


University Consultancy activity currently supported by UCC Consulting: 

  • Advice to a company on its research, processes or product development  
  • Assisting with strategic planning initiatives 
  • Devising technical and innovative solutions to business projects 
  • Feasibility and scoping studies  
  • Guest speaking or presenting at seminars and business conferences 
  • Interpretation of the results of analysis  
  • Technology audits and road mapping
  • Member of a steering or advisory group of a commercial project or trial  
  • Member of an advisory group for a public sector body for a specific project or activity
  • Organisation and management development consultancy
  • Policy and procedural reviews