Study 2

The norming and standardization of TECS-E


Given the importance of language and the use of complex sentences both in school and throughout our everyday conversations it is essential to have reliable and accurate tools that identify children who have difficulties in this area. Until the development of the TECS-E no assessment of complex syntax existed in the English speaking world.


The acquisition of norms and standardization of TECS-E will increase our knowledge of typically developing children’s understanding of complex sentences. It will inform us regarding what types of complex sentences we can expect typically developing children to understand across a range of age-bands.


This study aims to establish children’s developmental norms in relation to their understanding of a range of complex sentences, when assessed using engaging animations, designed to reflect sentences that are similar to those used in everyday conversation.


We are currently recruiting online participants for Study 2. Click here for further information.

TECS-E study