Study 1

How reliable is assessing children’s language online? A comparison of ‘in person’ and ‘on line’ methods.


To date, TECS-E has been developed to assess children’s understanding of sentences but has always been used ‘live’ with a child, where there is a therapist or educator explaining what to do.  In this study we aim to identify what features would need to be added to TECS-E to allow children to use it as an app or online and whether it is feasible for very young children to use it this way.


When we have adapted TECS-E to allow self-directed administration we will then compare whether the two ways of doing the test (as an app used by the child independently or with the support of a person present) give similar results. In this way we aim to establish if we can rely on TECS-E (in app form) to give accurate results.  We will do this at different ages to see from what age we get reliable results.

We will be recruiting for Study 1 once COVID-19 restrictions on conducting in-person research are lifted. If you are a preschool teacher/manager who would be interested in participating in Study 1 in the future, please click here for further information.

TECS-E study