Temporary Conditions Of Service Use

Temporary Conditions of Service Use: Telesupport

UCC Student Counselling & Development (SCD) Service 2020 

The Student Counselling & Development telesupport service has been established in order to assist students in maintaining healthy emotional wellbeing while counselling appointments are not possible due to the COVID-19 outbreak. The service is available free of charge to all registered students  who continue to reside in Ireland . Please note that calls are usually 20 minutes duration to ensure equitable access to this service.

  1. In order for the Duty Student Counsellor to call you, please email us at Counselling@ucc.ie stating that you have read these Conditions of Service Use and that you accept them.
  2. You will then receive a call from the Duty Student Counsellor at the time allocated to you by the SCD reception team. Please note that the Duty Student Counsellor will make two attempts to contact you and after this they will have to move on to the next person who has requested support.Therefore, please ensure that you have given the SCD reception the correct telephone number on which to contact you.



The information that you provide within Student Counselling & Development is confidential to the Service except in the following exceptional circumstances: 

  • If there is a serious concern that there may be a threat to the safety or life of yourself or another person. 
  • In the context of criminal behaviour and disclosures required by legal process. 
  • SCD staff are legally obliged under the Children First Act 2015 to report child protection concerns/retrospective disclosures of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional and neglect) to Tusla.
  • Any telephone/email/internet contact remains confidential as per professional ethics. However, UCC/SCD cannot guarantee that this method of contact is completely secure due to limitations of technology beyond UCC/SCD's control.

 If it becomes necessary to break confidentiality it will be done sensitively on a need-to-know basis and the Duty Student Counsellor will make every effort to discuss it with you before taking that step.

In order for you to avail of telesupport calls it will be standard procedure for the Duty Student Counsellor to initially ask you to provide an In Case of Emergency contact name and number.


Record Keeping:

In keeping with the code of ethics and practice for psychotherapists/ psychologists, confidential records of consultations will be maintained by Student Counselling & Development. These records will be destroyed after 7 years. For detailed information see our privacy statement (GDPR) on our website www.ucc.ie/studentcounselling.



Please note that telesupport is designed to offer guidance and skills for coping in the short term. It is not designed to offer therapy. However, you are most welcome to contact the service to arrange a further telesupport appointment at any stage.


***Crisis:  Please note that this is not a Crisis line. If you are in crisis, please contact your local A&E service or access the dedicated Crisis textline by texting ‘UCC’ to 086 1800 280 ***                                                 

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