Core Staff

Core Staff

Research Interests

Dr David Fitzgerald: David is a specialist in American military and foreign policy, especially counterinsurgency warfare and ‘small wars’.  His first book, Learning to Forget: US Army Counterinsurgency Doctrine from Vietnam to Iraq was a runner up in the Society for Military History’s Edward M. Coffman first manuscript prize and was published by Stanford University Press in 2013.  David’s extensive teaching interests include political violence, insurgency, terrorism, strategic culture and strategic theory.

Research Interests

Dr Mervyn O’Driscoll: Mervyn has published extensively on aspects of Irish foreign policy, European integration history, nuclear history and Cold War Anglo-French-American relations.   He has lectured throughout Ireland, the UK, Europe, China and the US. His works on Irish-German relations, Irish neutrality, nuclear history and Irish-European links are critically acclaimed and well cited.  In 2014 he co-organised a major academic conference on disarmament and non-proliferation attracting an international field of high quality contributors.  He currently serves as Vice-Chair of the Royal Irish Academy’s Standing Committee for International Affairs.  His teaching interests include nuclear politics, IR theory and small state strategy.

Research Interests

Professor David Ryan: David has published extensively on contemporary history and US foreign policy concentrating on the US interventions in the post-Vietnam era, including Central America, Angola, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the broader Middle East amongst other places.  Professor Ryan maintains an active engagement with a variety of professional associations and has acted as Vice-Chair of the Transatlantic Studies Association with membership from throughout Europe, the Americas and Australia.  He serves as Senior Associate Editor of the Association's The Journal of Transatlantic Studies published by Routledge.   David also headed a major research project on War and American Identity. 

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