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Course Details

Course Details

The MA in Strategic Studies is a 24-month course and consists of two parts-a fifteen-month online component, which overlaps with a twelve-month research phase, culminating in a 20,000 word dissertation.

Part One

Students take the following compulsory online modules:

  • Year 1. Semester I: Introduction to Strategic Studies (10 credits).
  • Year 1. Semester I: The Making of Modern War and Strategy,1450-1945 (10 credits).
  • Year 1. Semester II: US Grand Strategy (10 credits).

 And select three of the following modules:

  • Year 1. Semester II: Terrorism, Insurgency and Political Violence (10 credits)
  • Year 1. Semester III: Strategic Studies Summer School (10 credits). N.B. This is an intensive one-week on-campus module.
  • Year 2. Semester I: Nuclear Strategy and Diplomacy (10 credits)
  • Year 2. Semester II: Small States, Peacekeeping and Peace Support Operations (10 credits).


Part Two

Students work closely with an academic supervisor to complete a 20,000 word minor dissertation on a topic of their choosing within the broad area of strategic studies. There will be a series of online workshops to facilitate students in selecting, researching and writing their dissertations.

Assessment in the taught component of the course consists of essays, policy papers, reports, analysis of texts, participation in group discussions and collaborative projects. The dissertation, worth one third of the total mark, and undertaken under the supervision of a staff member, reflects the importance of independent research.

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