Strategic Studies

Study War, Strategy and Security at UCC

The MA in Strategic Studies is a new two year, part-time degree offered in a fully online format by the School of History, University College, Cork. It offers a uniquely well-rounded approach to strategic studies that considers pressing global challenges such as terrorism, nuclear proliferation, international peacekeeping, the changing international system, and the rise of non-state actors and new ways of warfare.  It will provide students with a deep understanding of how historical developments have affected the evolution of strategy, security and warfare.

The course equips students with the knowledge and skills to develop a sophisticated understanding of both the history of strategy and warfare and of contemporary security issues.  The flexible, online delivery format of the course will appeal to busy professionals as well as those with a broad interest in warfare and strategy.

The course draws on extensive expertise in the School of History in the areas of military history, contemporary strategy and international relations.  Our staff includes internationally recognised scholars whose work has been published at top university presses and who have earned a host of international prizes.  In addition to cultivating a highly interactive and engaging learning environment, faculty members serve as mentors to students throughout the degree.

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