RecEOL – Recycling of End of Life Products

What to do with your old electronics when you upgrade? Stick them in a drawer or toss them in the bin? Find our how ReCEOL is looking to solve this problem.

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In our gadget-obsessed society, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) is one of the fastest growing waste streams. Every year millions of tonnes of electronics are thrown away and with them the valuable metal components, like copper, gold, silver, copper, solder, steel and critical metals such as indium and tantalum. The best way to increase the recycling rate will be to offer a highly profitable process to provide a financial incentive. PCBs are present in most electronic equipment such as televisions, computers or mobile phones. Hence RecEOL has global potential.

Project Partners

Funding Bodies

The RecEOL project is funded under the EU ERA-MIN2 funding programme. Funding in Ireland is an initiative of the Government of Ireland with co-funding provided by Geological Survey Ireland and the Environmental Protection Agency.