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  • Riedewald F., Povey I., O’Mahoney M., Sousa-Gallagher M. 2022. A multi-purpose pilot-scale molten metal & molten salt pyrolysis reactor, MethodsX, 9. (available online December 2021).
  • Riedewald F., Vogt D., O’Mahoney M., Sousa-Gallagher M. 2021. Ejection of molten salt over large distances – safety implications of operating with molten salts at all scales, Loss Prevention Bulletin, 282 :15-18.
  • Riedewald F., Patel Y., Wilson E., Santos S., Sousa-Gallagher M. 2020. Economic assessment of a 40,000 t/y mixed plastic waste pyrolysis plant using direct heat treatment with molten metal: A case study of a plant located in Belgium. Waste Management, 2020. 
  • D. Vogt, M. Stelter 2019. “Recovery of critical metals from WEEE by molten salt pyrolysis”, in Proceedings of EMC 2019, Volume 3, (pp. 1121-1136), Düsseldorf, 23-26 June 2019. GDMB Verlag GmbH, Clausthal-Zellerfeld. 

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