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04/2018 Gabuzda, Denise C.; Nagle, Matt; Roche, Naomi The jets of AGN as giant coaxial cables
12/2017 Gabuzda, D. C.; Roche, N.; Kirwan, A.; Knuettel, S.; Nagle, M.; Houston, C. Parsec scale Faraday-rotation structure across the jets of nine active galactic nuclei
10/2017 Knuettel, Sebastian; Gabuzda, Denise; O'Sullivan, Shane Evidence for Toroidal B-Field Components in AGN Jets on Kiloparsec Scales
05/2017 Motter, J. C.; Gabuzda, D. C. 18-22 cm VLBA Faraday rotation studies of six AGN jets
12/2016 Coughlan, Colm P.; Gabuzda, Denise C. High resolution VLBI polarization imaging of AGN with the maximum entropy method
08/2016 Motter, Juliana; Gabuzda, Denise 18-22 cm VLBA Observational Evidence for Toroidal B-Field Components in Six AGN Jets
06/2016 Christodoulou, Dimitris M.; Gabuzda, Denise C.; Knuettel, Sebastian; Contopoulos, Ioannis; Kazanas, Demosthenes; Coughlan, Colm P. Dominance of outflowing electric currents on decaparsec to kiloparsec scales in extragalactic jets
11/2015 Gabuzda, Denise C.; Knuettel, Sebastian; Bonafede, Annalisa Evidence for a toroidal magnetic-field component in 5C 4.114 on kiloparsec scales
07/2015 Gabuzda, D. C.; Knuettel, S.; Reardon, B Transverse Faraday-rotation gradients across the jets of 15 active galactic nuclei
00/2015 Gabuzda, Denise C. Parsec-Scale Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei
00/2015 Contopoulos, Ioannis; Gabuzda, Denise; Kylafis, Nikolaos The Formation and Disruption of Black Hole Jets
10/2014 Gabuzda, D. C.; Reichstein, A. R.; O'Neill, E. L. Are spine-sheath polarization structures in the jets of active galactic nuclei associated with helical magnetic fields?
02/2014 Gabuzda, D. C.; Cantwell, T. M.; Cawthorne, T. V Magnetic field structure of the extended 3C 380 jet
12/2013 Coughlan, Colm P.; Gabuzda, Denise C. Imaging VLBI polarimetry data from Active Galactic Nuclei using the Maximum Entropy Method

Radio Astronomy and Active Galactic Nuclei

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