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Shortcut- Enhanced Quantum Thermodynamics Publication 2

27 Sep 2022

Emanated from research supported in part by a Grant from Science Foundation Ireland under Grant number 19/FFP/6951 (“Shortcut- Enhanced Quantum Thermodynamics”), our paper on “Quantum heat engine based on a spin-orbit- and Zeeman-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate” has just be published in Physical Review A (Jing Li, E. Ya Sherman, and A. Ruschhaupt, “Quantum heat engine based on a spin-orbit- and Zeeman-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate”, Phys. Rev. A 106 (2022) L030201).

In this paper, we explore the potential of a spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate for thermodynamic cycles. For this purpose we propose a quantum heat engine based on a condensate with spin-orbit and Zeeman coupling as a working medium. The cooling and heating are simulated by contacts of the condensate with an external magnetized media and demagnetized media. We examine the condensate ground-state energy and its dependence on the strength of the synthetic spin-orbit and Zeeman couplings and interatomic interaction. Then we study the efficiency of the proposed engine. The cycle has a critical value of spin-orbit coupling related to the engine’s maximum efficiency.

Quantum Control via Shortcuts to Adiabaticity

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