Recent Publications

  • Jing Li, Xi Chen, and A. Ruschhaupt, “Fast transport of Bose-Einstein condensate in anharmonic traps", Philosophical Transactions A (2022), in print. arXiv: 2210.03788
    We present a method to transport Bose–Einstein condensates (BECs) in anharmonic traps and in the presence of atom–atom interactions in short times without residual excitation. Using a combination of a variational approach and inverse engineering methods, we derive a set of Ermakov-like equations that take into account the coupling between the centre of mass motion and the breathing mode. By an appropriate inverse engineering strategy of those equations, we then design the trap trajectory to achieve the desired boundary conditions. Numerical examples for cubic or quartic anharmonicities are provided for fast and high-fidelity transport of BECs. Potential applications are atom interferometry and quantum information processing. 

  • Jing Li, E. Ya Sherman, and A. Ruschhaupt, “Quantum heat engine based on a spin-orbit- and Zeeman-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate”, Phys. Rev. A 106 (2022) L030201Arxiv: 2206.05041
    We explore the potential of a spin-orbit-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate for thermodynamic cycles. For this purpose we propose a quantum heat engine based on a condensate with spin-orbit and Zeeman coupling as a working medium. The cooling and heating are simulated by contacts of the condensate with an external magnetized media and demagnetized media. We examine the condensate ground-state energy and its dependence on the strength of the synthetic spin-orbit and Zeeman couplings and interatomic interaction. Then we study the efficiency of the proposed engine. The cycle has a critical value of spin-orbit coupling related to the engine’s maximum efficiency.

  • C. Whitty, A. Kiely and A. Ruschhaupt, "Improved anharmonic trap expansion through enhanced shortcuts to adiabaticity“, J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 55 (2022) 194003Arxiv: 2207.02288
    Shortcuts to adiabaticity (STA) have been successfully applied both theoretically and experimentally to a wide variety of quantum control tasks. In previous work the authors have developed an analytic extension to STA, called enhanced shortcuts to adiabaticity (eSTA), that extends STA methods to systems where STA cannot be applied directly (2020 Phys. Rev. Res. 2 023360). Here we generalize this approach and construct an alternative eSTA method that takes advantage of higher order terms. We apply this eSTA method to the expansion of both a Gaussian trap and accordion lattice potential, demonstrating the improved fidelity and robustness of eSTA. 

  • C. Whitty, A. Kiely and A. Ruschhaupt, "Robustness of enhanced shortcuts to adiabaticity in lattice transport“, Physical Review A 105 (2022) 013311Arxiv: 2109.04420
    Shortcuts to adiabaticity (STA) are a collection of quantum control techniques that achieve high fidelity outside of the adiabatic regime. Recently an extension to shortcuts to adiabaticity was proposed by the authors [Whitty, Kiely, and Ruschhaupt, Phys. Rev. Research 2, 023360 (2020)]. This method, enhanced shortcuts to adiabaticity (eSTA), provides an extension to the original STA control functions and allows effective control of systems not amenable to STA methods. It is conjectured that eSTA schemes also enjoy an improved stability over their STA counterparts. We provide numerical evidence of this claim by applying eSTA to fast atomic transport using an optical lattice and evaluating appropriate stability measures. We show that the eSTA schemes not only produce higher fidelities but also remain more stable against errors than the original STA schemes. 

  • I. Alonso et. al., “Cold Atoms in Space: Community Workshop Summary and Proposed Road-Map”, arXiv:2201.07789 (2022) 
    We summarize the discussions at a virtual Community Workshop on Cold Atoms in Space concerning the status of cold atom technologies, the prospective scientific and societal opportunities offered by their deployment in space, and the developments needed before cold atoms could be operated in space. The cold atom technologies discussed include atomic clocks, quantum gravimeters and accelerometers, and atom interferometers. Prospective applications include metrology, geodesy and measurement of terrestrial mass change due to, e.g., climate change, and fundamental science experiments such as tests of the equivalence principle, searches for dark matter, measurements of gravitational waves and tests of quantum mechanics. We review the current status of cold atom technologies and outline the requirements for their space qualification, including the development paths and the corresponding technical milestones, and identifying possible pathfinder missions to pave the way for missions to exploit the full potential of cold atoms in space. Finally, we present a first draft of a possible road-map for achieving these goals, that we propose for discussion by the interested cold atom, Earth Observation, fundamental physics and other prospective scientific user communities, together with ESA and national space and research funding agencies. 

Further Publications

  • A. Kiely, J. G. Muga and A. Ruschhaupt, "Effect of Poisson noise on adiabatic quantum control”, Physical Review A 95, 012115 (2017), ArXiv: 1609.04272

  • A. Kiely, A. Benseny, Th. Busch and A. Ruschhaupt, "Shaken, not stirred: Creating exotic angular momentum states by shaking an optical lattice", J. Phys. B 49 (2016) 215001

  • M. Palmero, S. Martinez-Garaot, U. G. Poschinger, A. Ruschhaupt and J. G. Muga, "Fast separation of two trapped ions“, New Journal of Physics 17, 093031 (2015)

  • S. Martínez-Garaot, A. Ruschhaupt, J. Gillet, Th. Busch and J. G. Muga, "Fast quasiadiabatic dynamics“, Physical Review A 92, 043406 (2015)

  • M. Ndong,G. Djotyan, A. Ruschhaupt and S. Guerin, "Robust coherent superposition of states by single-shot shaped pulse“, Journal of Physics B  48, 174007 (2015)

  • X.-J. Lu, M. Palmero, A. Ruschhaupt, Xi Chen and J. G. Muga, "Optimal transport of two ions under slow spring-constant drifts“, Physica Scripta 90, 074038 (2015)

  • A. Kiely, J. P. L. McGuinness, J. G. Muga and A. Ruschhaupt, "Fast and stable manipulation of a charged particle in a Penning trap“, Journal of Physics B 48, 07550 (2015)

  • X-L Lu, J.G. Muga, X. Chen, U. G. Poschinger, F. Schmidt-Kaler and A. Ruschhaupt, "Fast shuttling of a trapped ion in the presence of noise“, Physical Review A 89, 063414 (2014)

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  • D. Daems, A, Ruschhaupt, D. Sugny and S. Guérin, "Robust Quantum Control by a Single-Shot Shaped Pulse“, Physical Review Letters 111, 050404 (2013), ArXiv: 1304.4016 (more than 80 citations)
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  • X-L Lu, X. Chen, A. Ruschhaupt, D. Alonso, S. Guérin and J.G. Muga, "Fast and robust population transfer in two-level quantum systems with dephasing noise and/or systematic frequency errors“, Physical Review A 88 , 033406 (2013)

  • J. Kiukas, A. Ruschhaupt and R.F. Werner, "Full counting statistics of stationary particle beams“, Journal of Mathematical Physics 54, 042109 (2013)

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  • W. Schmunk, M. Gramegna, G. Brida, I. P. Degiovanni, M. Genovese, H. Hofer, S. Kück, L. Lolli, M. G. A. Paris, S. Peters, M. Rajteri, A. M. Racu, A. Ruschhaupt, E. Taralli and P. Traina, "Photon Number Statistics of NV Centre Emission“, Metrologia 49, S156 (2012)
  • E. Torrontegui, X. Chen, M. Modugno, S. Schmidt, A. Ruschhaupt , D. Guéry-Odelin and J. G. Muga, "Transitionless expansion of cold atoms in optical Gaussian beam traps“, Physical Review A 85, 033605 (2012)

  • E. Torrontegui, X. Chen, M. Modugno, S. Schmidt, A. Ruschhaupt and J. G. Muga, "Fast transport of Bose-Einstein condensates“, New Journal of Physics, 14, 013031 (2012)

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Scientific Book

  • "Time in Quantum Mechanics - Vol. 2“
    Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 789 (Springer, 2009)
    J. G. Muga, A. Ruschhaupt and A. del Campo (Editors)

Book Chapters

  • A. Ruschhaupt and R. F. Werner, "Quantum Mechanics of Time“ in "The Message of Quantum Science” (Ph. Blanchard, J. Fröhlich, Editoren, Springer, 2015)

  • A. Ruschhaupt, J. G. Muga and G. C. Hegerfeldt, "Detector models for the quantum time of arrival“, in "Time in Quantum Mechanics - Vol. 2“ (Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 789, 2009), J. G. Muga, A. Ruschhaupt and A. del Campo (Editoren)

  • A. Ruschhaupt, "An Application of EEQT: Tunneling Times“ in Ph. Blanchard et. al. (Editoren) "Decoherence: Theoretical, Experimental, and Conceptual Problems“ (LNP 538, Springer, 2000)

Quantum Control via Shortcuts to Adiabaticity

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