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SFI Frontiers for the Future Project

23 Mar 2023

As part of the SFI Frontiers for the Future Project "Shortcut-Enhanced Quantum Thermodynamics", Laetitia Bettmann from the research group of John Goold (Trinity) visited our research group on Tuesday, 21 March and Wednesday, 22 March.

Laetitia presented her recent results on the thermodynamics of a continuously monitored double quantum dot heat engine in the repeated interactions framework (arXiv:2212.10193, In addition, we also discussed some of our recent results on  a quantum heat engine based on a spin-orbit- and Zeeman-coupled Bose-Einstein condensate (Phys. Rev. A 106 (2022) L030201, as well as an improved anharmonic trap expansion through enhanced shortcuts to adiabaticity (J. Phys. B: At. Mol. Opt. Phys. 55 (2022) 194003,

Quantum Control via Shortcuts to Adiabaticity

Room 216A, 2nd floor, School of Physics, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland,