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Webinar on PPI in Dementia Research: Registration now open!

25 Nov 2022

Webinar on PPI in Dementia Research, 1-2pm on Friday 2nd December, 2022. 


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Webinar Overview

In this webinar, the speakers will provide an overview of the rationale and approach to Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) in Alzheimer Europe at a European level. They will also present the work that the Alzheimer Society of Ireland are doing in relation to PPI in dementia research in Ireland, as well as showcase PPI contributor' perspectives and experiences of being involved in dementia research.


Speakers include:

-Dianne Gove, Director for Projects, Alzheimer Europe.

-Ana Diaz, Project Officer, Alzheimer Europe.

-Ciara O’Reilly, Research Project Officer, Alzheimer Society of Ireland.

-Kevin Quaid, Person living with dementia and PPI contributor in dementia research

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