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Dr. Linda Coote Post-doctoral Researcher

Department of Botany,School of Natural Sciences,Trinity College,Dublin 2

353 (0)1 896 3745

linda coote

Linda is the botanical post-doctoral researcher with the ForestBio project based at TCD. Her PhD (TCD, 2007) was a study of the epiphyte diversity of conifer plantations, carried out as part of the BIOFOREST project. She also assisted with studies of the terrestrial flora of forestry plantations for the BIOFOREST project. As part of her BSc in Environmental Science (NUI, Galway, 2001) she examined the flora of Derryclare Wood, a semi-natural woodland nature reserve in Connemara. She has also worked for the National Parks and Wildlife Service, collecting and databasing existing Irish lichen records as part of the LichenIreland project.


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Planning and Management Tools for Biodiversity in a Range of Irish Forests

PLANFORBIO Research Programme, Dept. of Zoology, Ecology & Plant Science, University College Cork, Distillery Fields,North Mall, Cork, Ireland