Abstract Submission

Abstract submission will be open from January 13th until April 24th 2020

Important update to conference presentations:

Abstract submissions accepted for oral presentations will be delivered as a pre-recorded 5-minute narrated presentation of 2-3 slides, including as title slide. Information on how to prepare, record and submit your presentation will be emailed to you if your abstract is accepted as an oral presentation. Chaired live discussion boards will take place for each session, which all presenters will contribute to.

Abstract submissions accepted for poster presentations will be made available online in PDF format on the conference website. A chaired live discussion board will also take place for poster presentations.

Both oral and poster presentations will be available to conference delegates online at their scheduled times on the conference website. Registration and the conference password will be required to access all talks and presentations.

Please submit your abstract here.

Abstracts should be no longer than 250 words (excluding abstract title) and should be structured as follows:

  • Aim
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion

In addition to Oral and Poster submissions, we encourage submissions under the headings Psychology in Action and Research in Development.

  • Psychology in Action is a forum to share examples of good practice and have an opportunity to engage in useful dialogue with colleagues; the essential element for this type of submission, therefore, is that it must have a base in practice.
  • Research in Development provides a forum to present research in planning phase, and should include a literature review, study rationale and outline the study proposal; however, data is not required for this type of submission.
  • Both Psychology in Action and Research in Development will be considered for poster presentations.

This year we are also including a dedicated Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) parallel session. For this session we welcome presentations on PPI in research, PPI methods, and presentations by patient and public representatives about their experiences.  If you wish to submit your abstract to the dedicated Patient and Public Involvement Session please completed the abstract submission form as normal and be sure to select the PPI option on the form. If your abstract is not accepted for this session it may be considered for an oral or poster presentation.

You should receive confirmation of your abstract submission within 2 weeks of submission. If you do not receive confirmation please contact the conference team at phm@ucc.ie.






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